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Luncha Libre Moves to Change Name After Cease and Desist Letter

Phoenix's Luncha Libre food truck is looking for a new name. 

On Facebook, the popular food truck's crew wrote that it received a cease and desist letter from San Diego's Lucha Libre Taco Shop. According to the Facebook post, the San Diego shop is claiming Luncha is violating federal trademark and trade dress laws. 

"While pride tells us to dig in our heels and fight, we know that proceeding to court will ultimately put us out of business," Luncha's team wrote. 

Instead of going to court, Luncha has decided to look for a new name, asking Facebook fans for their name suggestions

Luncha Libre is run by Tim and Kim Cobb. The truck as well as the brick-and-mortar store (Taco and Dilla Parlor on Northern Avenue) slings gourmet street food with everything from Thai to Mexican fusion.