10 Best #Rebrand Arizona Submissions

As governor, what do you do if your state's incarceration rate is 48 percent higher than the national average and is full of fourth-graders who can't read? If you're Governor Doug Ducey, you use tax dollars to launch a "rebranding" campaign, duh! 

Ever since Ducey asked the public to submit ideas, Twitter has exploded with fantastic suggestions — because, really, when has a social-media campaign ever backfired for a state entity before?

We've rounded up 10 of our favorites here for your patriotic pleasure. You're welcome. 

10. Are we sure it's only 10,000?9. Extra points for rhyming!
8. #Truth #Murrikkah7. Everyone loves a silver lining!
6. Punny and topical, what more could you ask for in a slogan?
5. Yay?
4. This one needs no introduction.
3. This one is sure to draw the tourism mobs and job-creating businesses — oh wait, what's that? Companies don't want to relocate to Arizona? Why ever not? 
2. So true it hurts — preach it, sister!
1. Probably our personal fave.

All in all, we couldn't agree with this guy more!
Didn't see your submission on this list? Leave it in the comments section below, and tag it #rebrandAZ on Twitter.