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Diablo Burger to Open Location in Phoenix

Update: Diablo Burger responded to an email to say the company is "working on" a location in Phoenix but has no formal announcement to make right now. 

Diablo Burger, an “Arizona local foods-based burger joint” with locations in Flagstaff and Tucson, will open a restaurant in Phoenix. That's right, local food enthusiasts. It's time to rejoice. 

The news of the Phoenix restaurant comes from the Diablo Burger website, which states nothing more than that a Phoenix restaurant is "coming soon." The two other Diablo Burger restaurants are located at 120 North Leroux Street in Flagstaff and 312 East Congress Street in Tucson.

Founded by Derrick Widmark six years ago, Diablo Burger's claim to fame is that the restaurants use 100 percent local, grass-fed, open range-raised, antibiotic-free, and growth-hormone-free beef. The meat comes from the ranches of the Diablo Trust, whose job it is to ensure the long-term economic, social, and ecological sustainability of the Diablo Trust land area.

The restaurant also sources as many ingredients as it can from within a 250-mile radius, working with local farmers, ranchers, bakers, cheese-makers, brewers, vintners, and other food producers. 

Demand for grass-fed beef has been on the rise in recent year, but in Arizona, where both grass and water are hard to come by, it's difficult to match supply to demand. As Widmark told local NPR affiliate KJZZ recently, grass-fed beef from Arizona gives diners a sense of place and the ability to know where their meat is really coming from.