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16 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Earned a 'D' From the County Health Department in August

Another month, another opportunity to comb through the county's restaurant inspection records. In August, some Valley restaurants seemed to struggle with the "sanitation" aspect of restaurant hygiene. And we don't want to repeat this: Everyone, please start cleaning your soda nozzles and ice machines.

Check this list before heading out for your next meal. 

Camelback Liquors, Phoenix (2002 W. Camelback Rd.)

"Observed excessive amount of mold on soda nozzle. Person in charge was unable to get off soda nozzle and had to use pliers to get it off. Informed person in charge that soda nozzles need to be broken down every night wash/rinse/sanitize. Also, observed mold built up in ice machine. Provided risk control plan and discussed that legal action may happen due to non compliance."

IHOP, Chandler (3877 S. Arizona Ave.)

"Several employees in kitchen observed touching aprons, glasses or hats while preparing food items. In all instances employees were told to wash hands and put on new gloves."

Circle K, Phoenix (2650 W. Camelback Rd.) 

"Observed no cleaning logs for the sanitation schedule of the for realz ice cream machine. Person in charge was inform that with the variance they need to be keeping cleaning logs of the machine to make sure that it is being cleaned every night." 

King Pin & Grill, Phoenix (8925 N. 12th St.)

"Observed a open can of Fire Roasted Red Peppers in the prep cooler with black and grey mold on top of the food surface. Manager discarded the can of Peppers."

Good Taste House, Phoenix (8510 N. 7th St.)

"Conveying Sewage. Upon inspection, the prep sink was draining onto the floor of the establishment. Please service before re-inspection to eliminate food, water, and safe harborage for pests and bacterial growth."

The Monastery at Falcon Field, Mesa (4810 E. Mckellips Rd.)

"Observed microwave, nacho cheese machine and belgian waffle maker that had an accumulation of filth and debris at the time of the inspection. Items were cleaned at the time of the inspection."

Jamba Juice, Gilbert (3765 S. Gilbert Rd., Suite 104)

"No verifiable employee illness policy that requires workers to report communicable disease symptoms or conditions - operator must create an employee illness policy that meets the intent of the 2013 FDA Model Food Code and train all staff."

Filibertos Mexican Food, Phoenix (3033 E. Indian School Rd.)

"At time of inspection (approximately 3:45PM start), beef tacos were observed next to grill. Per time log, tacos were to be used between 11AM - 3PM; however, tacos were being kept and used past the allotted timeframe allowed in time as a control. Notified person in charge, tacos were discarded, and reviewed proper procedures."

Fiesta Mercado, Phoenix (3041 W. Van Buren St.)

"Establishment is bagging and selling ice but does not provide a label indicating the name, phone number, and place of business on the ice bags. All ice bags must be labeled."

Birria Estilo Michoacan, Phoenix (1711 W. Broadway Rd.) 

"Protected Back door was opened at time of inspection and a couple of live flies were observed in the establishment. Discussed protecting the establishment against the entry of insects by closing the door."

Jamba Juice, Mesa (1804 S. Signal Butte Rd. Suite 104)

"Observed yogurt, 2% table milk, and dairy base that says "Keep Refrigerated" cold holding at 49-51 deg F in a walk in unit holding out of specification. PIC discarded food items."

Segal's New Place Kosher Foods, Phoenix (4818 N. 7th St.)

"Raw shelled eggs were being stored above packages of sauerkraut, and raw beef was being stored above ready to eat salted/vinegared vegetables. All items were moved so that cross contamination would not occur."

Fry's Marketplace, Phoenix (4707 E. Shea Blvd.)

"Stored on speed rack in vegetable walk in cooler, baked beans and caribbean sauce with internal temperatures of 47*F. Per employee, food items were in cooler >1.5 days. Baked beans and caribbean sauce was discarded."

Sugar N' Spice Coffee & Tea, Goodyear (14970 W. Indian School Rd.)

"A employee peeled and handled with their bare hands, a banana and then placed it into a blender and blended a drink. The drink was discarded."

Margaritas, Mesa (10 W. Main St. Suite 100)

"Cold Holding Observed the following items in the prep-line cooler unit between 54 and 62 Deg. F. chopped mix greens, shredded mozzarella, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, raw fish, raw chopped beef, and chopped cabbage. Items were embargoed."

Bukkanas Bar, Glendale (5400 N. 59th Ave.) 

"Gallon on milk in walk-in did not have date. Per person in charge milk had been opened 2 weeks prior. Milk was discarded."