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The 22 Best Juggalos Spotted at The Pressroom Last Night

Insane Clown Posse performed with P.O.D. at The Pressroom Tuesday night, and it was a hot, sticky mess, quite literally — the show felt like a Faygo-filled sauna. We met a variety of juggalos along the way, some looked like dead ringers for Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, while others were the type of clowns that would invade your dreams. We also saw a juggalo ballerina. There was tons of fun to be had at last night's show, so check out our roundup of the greatest juggalos spotted at The Pressroom.

The iPad User
People holding iPads above their heads are among the most hated people at concerts. Standing in the front row of an Insane Clown Posse is ill-advised, but that didn't stop this woman from having a good time.

The Party Clown
While most juggalos opt for dark clothing, this guy took the clown imagery to heart. We wouldn't recommend inviting him to your kid's birthday party, though.

Lana de Juggalo
Lana del Rey, is that you? Rumor has it she's going dark on her forthcoming Miracles album, on which she'll question how magnets work.

The Makeup Artists
How did these guys get their make up to stay so impeccable after a Faygo bath? That must be one hell of a primer.

The Swag
Who needs BFF necklaces when you can all sport matching Hatchetman bling?

The Psycho Bitch
Only at a ICP show will you find a lady wearing this shirt.

The Lifer
Getting Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope tattooed on your chest is a bold move. This guy is a Juggalo for life.

The Extra Psycho
The guy on the left should win an award for his makeup skills. He looks terrifying.

The Hosers
Who knew ICP fans were so into hockey?

The Zero Fucks Given
See that no smoking sign? Zero fucks were given by this trio.

The Juggalo family
Imagine discussing The Dark Carnival at Thanksgiving. This mom was by far one of the coolest people at the ICP show.

Mickey Blue Eyes
Look at those baby blues. What a hunk.

The Traditional Clown
There are many ways to show that you're down with the clown. This gal opted for a more lighthearted approach.

The Playboy
He's holding a Juggalo sign while wearing a shirt that says "SHIT DICK." Need I say more?

The "I Didn't Inhale"
Believe them when they said they only tried weed once and didn't inhale. We've got you.

The Ballerina
The tutu and Chuck Taylors really bring this look together.

The Defender
This lady looked stylish and had no issues getting to the front. After all, the best way to get through a crowd is stabbing people with your boobs.

The Gore
Clean up on aisle 3.

The Exuberants
Look how happy that crowd is. These ninjas felt a strong sense of family.

Harley Juggalo
Harley Quinn has made her return in search of The Great Milenko.

The Go Pro Bro
Go Pro Bro found a solid spot behind iPad girl and was ready to go spelunking through the deluge of Faygo.

Ice, Ice, Baby
It was hot as balls inside. The smoking patio was full of juggalos trying to cool off, but these fans had a better idea, and set up camp by an icemaker.