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Phoenix Art Rock Band Treasure MammaL's New Album Features Wayne Coyne

There is no arguing that Treasure MammaL is one of the strangest musical acts in the Valley of the Sun. When the group drops its next album, I Will Cut You With My EBT Card, it will enter the argument for being one of the biggest bands in the Valley of the Sun because frontman Abe Gil called in the cavalry for the new album. T. Mamz went out and got Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, Octopus Project theremin player Evan Lambert, Andrew Jackson Jihad frontman Sean Bonnette, as well as Jimmy Eat World member Robin Vining, among others, as guest stars on the new album.

“It’s really flattering that Wayne decided to be on the album,” says Gil. “I remember listening to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots for the first time and to have Wayne Coyne singing on one of my songs, it’s like winning the lottery. We are all stoked on it.”

The band is throwing a CD release party at Trunk Space on Saturday, November 7. RØÅR, Cherie Cherie, Fathers Day, and Pro Teens also will play.

Gil says that this is also Treasure MammaL’s most cohesive record yet and that it is less “spazzy” then the group’s previous work. The more focused album is the result, at least in part, of the caliber of musicians appearing on the record. 

According to Gil, the thread running through the entire LP is "people and their everyday struggle to use their internal force to fight the bullshit of the world.” Gil also says that each song has its own individual message, and even though the MammaL may appear to be silly, good-time music, there is actually a deeper meaning amid the absurdity.

One such absurd song is the track “Missed Connections,” in which Gil mashes together his personal favorite entries on Craigslist Missed Connections — the deeper meaning being how difficult it is to find love in this crazy world.

Then there's the track “Cassette,” which GIl says is about how MP3 downloads and music streaming are killing record stores. Perhaps that was the sentiment in mind when the group decided to put their new record on vinyl.

T. Mamz isn’t just having records made, however. For their monumental record featuring a legendary rock star, they thought something a little classier than even a vinyl record. For I Will Cut You With My EBT Card they decided to have every record be a psychedelic piece of artwork. All the records will be individually poured with rainbow wax, so no two will be the same. Somehow, the band is still selling them for $10.

Another really interesting track on the record is “Let the Angels Sing for Peewee Herman.” It’s entirely instrumental and features drum solos by band members Jef Wrong and Jeff Wright as well as Gil himself. The Treasure MammaL frontman said he was just feeling it and decided to sit in for a solo even though he had never really played the drums before.

Gil says it is the most “accessible” Treasure MammaL record yet, and he is expecting a little more traction than usual, considering the heavy hitters performing on it. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get Miley Cyrus to participate, but he has high hopes of collaborating with her on the next one.

“This record is a roller coaster. I want it to take people on a journey to double rainbows and flying pomeranians and happiness and strangeness and fucked up weird shit,” says Gil, and he is certainly damn close.