The 50 Most Memorable People of Global Dance Festival Arizona 2015

The latest edition of the Global Dance Festival Arizona this past weekend at Rawhide in Chandler certainly didn't disappoint. The performances were memorable — including fantastic sets by headliners like Deorro, RL Grime, and Valley native Mija — as were the collection of ravers, ragers, and revelers who came out to the theme park for an evening of electronic dance music thrills.

Many came to the event in costume while others brought equally colorful signs, banners, or “festival totems” for the occasion. And everyone in attendance was in a mood to party up, get down, and go hard. That includes the performers on any of the festival’s three stages, such as masked EDM maniac Marshmello or the aforementioned Mija, who seemed to feed off the energy of both the crowd and the music during their sets.

Performers and patrons alike grabbed our attention while we were out at Rawhide attending the eight-hour event and are both included in the following photo-heavy rundown of the most memorable people of Global Dance Festival Arizona.

Show 'em you're a tiger, show em what you can do...

A furry hurly-burly of Global Dance Festival attendees.

If raving ever becomes an Olympic sport, these two would be perfect candidates.

Mija in the midst of her energetic set at Global Dance Festival Arizona.

Bros and a babe behind bars.

Even his holiness needs to let loose once in awhile. We even hear he's got an album coming out.

He's not only got tats for days but enough chutzpah to go shirtless in the cold.

Put your paws in the air, wave them 'round like you just don't care.

Global Dance Festival Arizona is the sort of place where you'll encounter a walking taco cowboy and not think twice about it.

Looking cool as the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Wonder if they're into Headhunterz?

This panda came to party.

Masked EDM madman Marshmello in the mix at Global Dance Festival.

People, let me tell you about my best friend.

She's totally money.

Kon'nichiwa, watashitachi wa hont?ni anata ga p?t? de kite iru mono ga daisukidesu.

A flock of furry friends.

This is what Chewbacca would look like, if he ever attended a rave.

One of Marshmello's many fanatics at Global Dance Festival Arizona.

He's a real party monster, folks.

Deorro goes hard in the middle of his festival set.

Beaking Bad.

You're under arrest, sugar.

Big Gigantic offered up an action-packed set.

Pac-Mau5 and Dead Meowth getting into some antics.

A bevy of cutesy cowgirls who performed on the Alamo Stage.

  Ravers don't get any more colorful than this cat.

We stand corrected. 

Your outfit totally fits the festival's "Wild West" theme, pardner...we think.

While it said you should never accept candy from strangers, taking kandi at an EDM event is a different situation altogether.