Piff the Magic Dragon Talks America's Got Talent, Being a Dragon, and His Chihuahua

If you sense some magical vibrations coming off of High Street this weekend, there’s a good reason for it. Piff the Magic Dragon (the world’s funniest performing magic dragon and America's Got Talent finalist) will be showing off his hilarious brand of magic at the House of Comedy. The magic dragon/magician/comedian/YouTube star is one of the top magical comedy acts in the world, and he's been selling out shows both stateside and in his homeland across the pond.

You may have seen him on America’s Got Talent (he probably set a record for eating snacks during the show and managed to steal a kiss from Heidi Klum), or maybe from his time on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, in which case you already know why you should be going to see Piff this weekend. Just ask yourself: When else will you get to see a magic dragon perform?

“I’m a genuine magic dragon, so it’s not like I had a whole lot of career options,” Piff says. “I decided to use my magic powers for good, not evil, because I’ve always loved being on the stage and making an audience laugh.”

This weekend will be the dragon’s first time performing in Phoenix, although he’s already a big fan of Scottsdale. Piff and his assistant, Mr. Piffles (the world’s only magical chihuahua) have been touring the country recently in addition to their weekly Monday through Wednesday shows at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. But all the success might be starting to affect the dynamic duo a little bit.

“It’s already going to Mr. Piffles’ head,” Piff says. “He wants his own dressing room. He won’t carry his own bags. He won’t keep the accounts anymore. He’s becoming a real diva.”

Of course, no matter how big Mr. Piffles’ ego gets, Piff realizes holding Piffles back wouldn't work. It would be cruel to withhold such a rare creature from the eyes of the public.

“When you’ve got the world’s only magical chihuahua, it’d be a shame to keep him off the stage,” Piff says. “He’s pretty well-behaved for the most part. He’s only gone to the bathroom while on stage a few times, so the odds of it happening in Phoenix are pretty low.”

From helping Penn & Teller work out ideas for “stuff that’s never been seen before” to making it to the finale of America’s Got Talent, Piff likely has more experience on big stages than many comedians, magicians, and dragons combined. These days, Piff can look back on all of it fondly.

America’s Got Talent really looked out for us, and we had a lot of fun on that show,” Piff says. “Because I didn’t mind if I won or not, I could do what I wanted. I could eat snacks, kiss Heidi, get the Golden Buzzer from Neil [Patrick Harris], and meet Howard Stern. I was really excited to meet Howard, that was a highlight for me.”

As for the future, Piff and Mr. Piffles (although the billing may soon be switched, if the chihuahua has his way) are breaking out a Christmas special (called “Piffmas”) in Vegas immediately after their shows in Phoenix, and then there are plans for a television show. For now though, you can expect a show unlike anything you’ve seen before at House of Comedy.

“We’re all about the live shows,” Piff says. “It’s a fun, unique thing. It’s our favorite thing to do, so we put all of our effort into it. People can expect a lot of magic, a lot of laughs, and only a little chihuahua peril.”

Piff the Magic Dragon will be at House of Comedy December 16-20. Tickets cost $28.95 and are available (along with more info) through House of Comedy’s website.