John McCain Says Sarah Palin’s Impression of Tina Fey Is Funny; Social Media Disagrees

Two days after comedian Tina Fey reprised her role as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, the former Alaska governor and one-time vice presidential hopeful shot back with her own impersonation of Fey.

Palin plays “Lynn Melon,” a la Fey’s Liz Lemon from theTV  show 30 Rock, in a fake television trailer for “31 Rock” – a “new comedy about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC hopes of creating a hit variety show.”

The trailer includes cameos from former-GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, and, of course, the man who introduced Palin to America, Arizona Senator John McCain.

McCain plays Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack Donaghy — the controlling and bizarre network executive director on the show – and gives Melon advice about controlling her unruly and nerdy writers. (Advice that apparently includes insulting Star Wars?)

While it’s entertaining to see Palin portray Fey for once, as Buzzfeed entertainment critic Matt Wilstein writes: “The ‘jokes’ in [Palin’s] trailer don’t land quite as hard as either the social commentary on the original 30 Rock series or Fey’s most recent portrayal of Palin on SNL.

“But, as always, they show that Palin is willing to do whatever it takes to stay relevant in a world that is starting to remember her as little more than a comedy caricature.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is what happened after McCain tweeted out a link, and said: “I think I like Sarah's impression of Tina better!”
The response was swift, biting, and predictably, full of jokes about McCain’s age and how Palin will be all he's remembered for in the future — ouch!

Here are some of our favorites:

In case you somehow missed Saturday's opening SNL sketch: