Cat That Spawned Social Media Frenzy Saved After Three Days Atop Arizona Power Pole

Breaking news, guys.

After three harrowing days spent mewing for help, a cat stuck atop a Phoenix power pole has been rescued. 

Well, actually, the Salt River Project employee dispatched to rescue it scared it — so it ran down the pole on its own, said Kathleen Mascarenas, an SRP media relations representative. It then ran off into an alley and onto what we will assume is a happy life. 

The power company typically gets between four and five calls about stranded cats a year, she said, but usually doesn't send out a cherry-picker. Instead, it advises concerned residents to make the bottom of the pole as "cat friendly" as possible by trying to entice it to come down with a bowl of milk or a snack. 

"If the cat crawled its way up there, it can crawl its way down," she said. 

Naturally, though, when news of the cat's plight broke, the Internet was shocked and appalled.