The Fruity Pebble Milk Latte at Ocotillo's O to Go Is Surprisingly Good

Barista Kelly Ehley at O to Go is hardly the first to use cereal milk in her creations. 

As you might know, the idea was first made popular by pastry chef Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. Tosi has been using cereal milk as a fun way to add flavor to pastries and other desserts for years now, in turn inspiring Ehley to steep Fruity Pebbles in milk to use in lattes at the coffee bar at Ocotillo in Central Phoenix.

But before we get to the milk, let's start with the basics: The latte at O to Go is a great drink in its own right. Using beans from Sightglass coffee, the espresso is expertly pulled, and the milk is steamed to a good temperature and texture. The flavor of Fruity Pebbles is definitely present in the drink, lending a sweetness that tastes unmistakably like our favorite childhood cereal.

The dominant Fruity Pebble flavors present are the citrus ones, which we imagine is because heating the milk removes some of the more subtle fruit flavors. The sugary lemon adds a zest to the bittersweet espresso, tempering it but not removing it altogether. 

Ehley also makes a Fruity Pebble soy milk for guests who might want a dairy alternative in their lattes. She says in the future she'd like to experiment with other cereals, including Captain Crunch. 

Other unique coffee drinks at O to Go include a mole mocha made with mole created by the chefs of Octotillo, and a Falernum autumn latte (Falernum is a syrup made from almond, ginger, and various baking spices). In the spring, Ehley says she'd like to create an "In Bloom" drink series using floral and herbal ingredients. Her ides include a brown sugar rosemary latte and others utilizing lavender, black pepper, and honey.