Locally Made Sugar Cane Vodka from O.H.S.O. Distillery Is Available Now

You probably know O.H.S.O. as a notoriously dog-friendly destination for craft beer. After all, the restaurant and bar's original location in Arcadia hosts weekly and monthly events that let home brewers make beers that are then tapped for the community to enjoy, and once a month, the Paradise Valley location brews with the Arizona Society of Homebrewers, giving part of the proceeds to local dog rescues.

But now the brewery is embarking on a new venture: distilling spirits. 

O.H.S.O.'s first foray into distilling, called #Vodka, hit the market quietly in early December and is available right now at O.H.S.O.’s three locations, and a few breweries, including Fate Brewing Company-South, San Tan Brewing Company, Blasted Barley, and Park Plaza Liquors in Prescott. It officially will hit the market on January 20. 

The name, meant to reflect owner Jon Lane's desire to keep things simple, stemmed from a conversation he and his girlfriend had one night about the popularity of the hashtag. And while the name may imply simplicity, the vodka actually involves a conscientious process. For example, it's made with sugar cane, as opposed to more commonly used products like corn or wheat, a decision born from Lane’s time living in the Caribbean. It's then filtered with coconut charcoal, adding a touch of sweetness to the smooth, clean finish.

Lane has always wanted O.H.S.O. to be an interactive experience, an idea he's carried over into the distilling project. O.H.S.O. employees and patrons are heavily involved in the tasting and decision-making processes for the production of new spirits. After batches of the vodka were completed, blind tastings were set up for employees and patrons, with the winning spirit making its way to production.  

#Gin will be the next of O.H.S.O.’s spirits arrive on the market, followed by #Rum, and a variety of flavored whiskeys. The gin changes shape with each sip, starting out crisp and citrusy, then heating up a little with a dash of cinnamon and finally rounding out with a nice, earthy punch of juniper. 

O.H.S.O. Brewing Company is the first of several distilleries in the state to receive a Craft Distilling License in Arizona. To keep up with the upcoming releases of O.H.S.O. spirits and find current locations serving and selling #Vodka in metro Phoenix, visit the O.H.S.O. website