What 10 Spanish Street Names in Metro Phoenix Mean in English

Ever wondered what the Spanish-language street names in the Phoenix area actually mean in English? (Particularly if your Spanish game isn't quite up to par, and you don't recognize half the words on the Filiberto's menu.)

We're here to help, as we've made very literal translations of some of our most prominent Spanish street names:

10.) Rio Salado Parkway: Salt River Parkway. Logical name because of the riverbed it runs along.
9.) Monte Vista Road: Mountain View Road. This one's not next to a mountain, but if you're rich enough to live in this high-rise condo complex in downtown Phoenix, you can see all the metro mountains, especially Camelback. 
8.) Encanto Boulevard: Charming Boulevard. Lovely, and it goes along with the lovely old homes in this downtown Phoenix neighborhood.
7.) Manzanita Drive: Little Apple Drive. Less literally, this street in North Phoenix is named after the manzanita shrubs, which are native to here but don't grow miniature apples.