Chow Bella

Chicken Korma and Plain Butter Naan at Tandoori Times 2 in Glendale

Where: Tandoori Times 2
5626 West Bell Road, Glendale
11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (lunch) and 5 to 10 p.m. (dinner) Tuesday through Sunday 
Dish and Price: Chicken Korma ($13.95) and Plain Butter Naan ($2.50)

The Setting: Tandoori Times 2 is a brightly decorated eatery; even the industrial-looking air vents are painted a vibrant teal. Indian tapestries hang on the walls and small Indian parasols hang upside down from the ceiling. The pops of color make the simple, undivided space feel comfortable and warm. 

The Dish: The large portion of chicken korma was both creamy and acidic. A strong curry flavor took center stage, and the korma had the slightest hint of tomato. We were surprised that the dish didn't have much excess sauce to be mopped up with our side of plain butter naan, though the starch also tasted just fine on its own (more on that later). The large but still bite-size chunks of dark meat were super-tender and the richness of the chicken made a great complement to the curry. If we had a day to wastein our sweatpants on the couch, we'd have endless bowls of this ultimate comfort dish delivered to us.

Tandoori Times 2's plain butter naan was among the best we've had in the Valley. Each bite offered something different, with some thick, doughy pieces and some thin, crispy, almost-burnt bites. The blackened parts had an addicting charred marshmallow quality about them. 

The Best Part: Surprisingly, one of the best parts about this dish was the chutneys accompanying it. Our favorite was the lemon, jalapeƱo, and ginger pickle. When we added this punchy side, complete with whole chunks of lemon (rind and all) and whole ginger pieces, to the creamy Korma, the new flavor combination was out of this world. 

The One Thing We'd Change: The naan is so good, we wish more came in an order. Though $2.50 feels pricy for one piece of bread, you really can't (or at least don't want to) have just one.