Board of Regents Raises Tuition at Arizona State University

The Arizona Board of Regents voted to raise tuition and fees at Arizona State University.

International and out-of-state undergraduate students will pay $1,000 more, bringing their annual bills up to $26,470. In-state undergraduate students will pay $10,640, which is a $200 increase over last year. 

Arizona Board of Regents Chair Jay Heiler called Thursday's move "sound fiscal policy," noting that the university still is grappling with the state Legislature's decision last year to gouge $53 million from its budget. 

ASU President Michael Crow said the tuition hike was necessary to keep the university, named the nation's "most innovative" university by U.S. News & World Report, on track to "lead nationally in our teaching and research." 

Since the recession, the Legislature has cut per-student funding at ASU by 60 percent, he said, making it "extremely difficult" to "keep costs low" for Arizona students.

During that time, tuition and fees for resident undergraduate students has risen about $5,650. 

"Competing at this level requires resources," he said.