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10 Best Superhero Sex Scenes Ever (NSFW)

Who says superheroes can’t get action beyond fight scenes? Just because they’re saving the world all the time doesn’t mean they can’t serve justice between the sheets, too. With superhero movies and TV shows more popular than ever, we're looking back at some of the steamiest moments in superhero sex history.

Dr. Manhattan’s Multitasking
Pulling out your phone mid-sex is a deal-breaker in most situations, but using the fluidity and flexibility of your superhuman form to work on a science project while getting it on is up there for the most insulting multitasking ever. The only thing that could save Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan from mixing business with pleasure in most situations is the unique gift of being able to construct his junk into the perfect size and shape (down to the molecular level) for any situation.

Daredevil Does It Blindly
Some people love the new season of Netflix’s Daredevil, and other people hate it. Just adding to its polarizing effect was the sorta-artsy sex scene between Matt Murdock and Elektra. Full of slo-mo shots and bizarre angles trying to be the famous Titanic hand scene, the love-making didn’t exactly fit with the rest of the show. But it was a welcome break after hours of binge-watching.

The Many Faces of Mystique
The most memorable sex scenes in the X-Men movies pretty much all come from Mystique. Considering that she’s essentially naked in her non-transformed form, it’s no surprise that she’s comfortable seducing everyone from Wolverine to security guards to get what she wants. That shape-shifting skill is probably also quite useful in keeping things exciting in bed.

Superman’s Splashdown
For anyone who’s seen Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’re probably left with a few questions. The biggest one might be whether or not Superman and Lois Lane have renter’s insurance, as they’ll need it after Superman decides to join his lady in the tub. Although there’s no actual on-screen sex, there’s likely enough water soaking into the apartment that Aquaman will need to come assist with the cleanup.

Jessica Jones Needs a New Bed
What happens when two superheroes get it on (particularly when one is impossibly strong)? They break the bed. If you don’t know about the sex scenes between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage by now, you’re probably living under a Netflix-less rock.