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The 5 Worst TV Season Finales Ever

There are few things out there as blood-boiling, as rage-inducing, as angering as when a beloved TV show ends its season with some bullshit cliffhanger. And it happens all the damn time! You’d think those Hollywood fatcats hoverboarding down Rodeo Drive with their mocha Pinkberrys would understand that by now.

But between the barbwire-laced end to this season’s The Walking Dead and the upcoming and sure-to-be-just-as-infuriating Game of Thrones, we’re being inundated with bad scene cuts just to manufacture some social-media buzz.

It’s a television staple as old as “Who Shot J.R.?” that's been done to death in recent years. Here are some of the all-time worst cliffhangers from television season finales.

The Hatch. How mysterious was your incandescent glow, your inscription of the Numbers, and your impenetrability. Was it ever possible for your revelations to match our expectations?

Much of the first season of the ABC survival mystery surrounded around the discovery and attempted opening of a door in the ground, giving the characters their first glimpse of advanced technology on the deserted island. The finale revolved around a group transporting volatile dynamite to the hatch in an attempt to blow it open (to potentially use this mysterious shelter as protection against a cult of kidnapping marauders who worship some demigod named Jacob — you know what, forget it).

After spending the last leg of the season building up the intrigue and purpose of the hatch, the season rewarded the loyal viewers by ending the episode mid-climax when the hatch door is finally blown off. Viewers waited four months to find out what the hell was in the damn hatch AND IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE.

The cliffhanger picked up right at the second-season première, taking us inside the Hatch to reveal the Swan Station and the Dharma Initiative in a big way. But that still doesn’t make up for making us wait all summer to find out what’s going on.

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