New Restaurant Alert

Snoh Ice Shavery to Open Second Location in Downtown Phoenix This Fall

Things are Snoh-balling for Tony Chanthavong. Chanthavong, who owns Snoh Ice Shavery in Phoenix, has signed the papers for a second spot. By this fall, expect a new location of Snoh Ice Shavery to open in Downtown Phoenix, on the northeast corner of Second and McKinley streets, a couple doors down from Cobra Arcade Bar.

The new location will be significantly larger than the original (1,300 square feet, which includes patio seating) and will feature the same frozen fare — creamy, Southern Chinese-style shaved ice and boba drinks — but with some new ideas in mind.

Whereas the original Snoh, located close to Seventh Street and Camelback Road, is a neighborhood spot that caters to families, with colorful anime on every wall — pop culture and “geek culture,” as Chanthavong refers to it — the Downtown Phoenix Snoh will cater more to adults and ASU students. In an order to capture downtown's night-out crowds, the new location may even be open late.

“We want to take a risk that we think people will like,” Chanthavong says. “We’ll offer specials. We know that people are familiar with Snoh after three years of business, and now that they’re introduced to the puddings and the red bean flavors, we’re going to expand on that even more and bring more Asian influence.”

Chanthavong says there will also be some exclusive menu items, though he won’t say what they are quite yet. Offering food is also a part of his vision further down the road.

“I want to do Asian skewers and the kind of street food you’d see in Tawain — like Taiwanese sausage — and across Asia,” he says. 

As of now, no exact date is set for the opening. “I’m aiming for right after the end of summer,” Chanthavong says. “Tell them it will be open before fall.”

For more information, check the Snoh Ice Shavery website