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6 Dope New Phoenix Music Videos

It's summer, which means a lot of bands are dropping new albums, and with new albums come new music videos. Groups all over the scene are breaking out the video cameras to offer up the best multimedia projects they can, and honestly a lot of them are quite good. 

Whether they are taking to the streets of Phoenix to add some life to their music, getting out into the wilderness, or just kicking it in the studio, these Phoenix musicians are putting out videos worth taking a look at. Here are six dope new Phoenix music videos.

"Follow Me" 
 Taylor Upsahl
17-year-old Phoenix songstress Taylor Upsahl commits three murders in her brand-new Matty Steinkamp-directed music video for her track "Follow Me." The video is somewhat of a crime thriller, as the young female assassin tales a bag man to a shady meetup on a downtown roof, before disposing of both the bag man and the man he makes the drop to, as well the man who appears to be their boss at the climax of the video. Upsahl's stalking of her prey throughout the video is accompanied by gorgeous nighttime shots of the streets of downtown Phoenix, which go very well with the haunting folk tune. 

"Bouquet of Lightning"  Wolvves
Phoenix's only afro-grunge group Wolvves has some hefty plans for this summer that include a nationwide tour and a documentary to go with it, and all those plans were set into motion by this video. "Bouquet of Lightning" is the first single off of Wolvves' upcoming album Paradox Valley. It follows lead singer Aydin Immortal, bass player Edward Vasquez, and an extremely convenient chair through all manner of Arizona landscapes. Immortal has always been an odd duck, so it stands to reason that their videos would show off that weird streak; plus, there is no denying that the Immortal one looks great in a 10-gallon hat. The video is also in part introducing the band's Gofundme for their tour and documentary.

 The Haymarket Squares 
The Haymarket Squares recently released their second video off their album Light It Up and to follow up "Let's Start a Riot" they went with their track "Heaven." As with many Squares videos before, the quintet went with a high concept matched with some lowbrow humor. The video follows the angelic band through Phoenix as they go bowling, have a beer, join in on a child's birthday party, and they even get a good ole-fashioned nut shot on guitarist John Luther while he's skateboarding. The song is about building your own heaven on Earth because "there ain't no heaven," and the Squares highlight that concept pretty well with their newest video. 

"Disney World" 
 Fathers Day
Ryan Avery may have ditched Phoenix for the greener pastures of LaLa Land, but his artistry will endure in all the music he has left behind for us. In his last music video appearance as a resident of the Valley of the Sun, the rotund Mormon offered up what is possibly the most obnoxious song that his band Fathers Day has in its repertoire, "Disney World." The song is just Avery saying over and over "I'm never gonna take my kids," until he finishes the sentence by yelling "to Disney World." In video form, the song is just the dastardly Douglas Patton shouting at a bunch of children while destroying a birthday party. One could pose the question of "what the hell is wrong with these people," but honestly we are way beyond that at this point.   

"Panda"  Mega Ran

It seems like everyone else on the planet has taken a swing at Desiigner's "Panda" beat, so why not Phoenix nerdcore legend Mega Ran? Does Mega Ran have bars? Yes! The overweight M.C. hops on the track and puts a stranglehold on one of the hottest beats of the year. The video is just Mega in the studio laying down his bars, but honestly even though it's basic it's worth giving a watch if for no other reason than Mega Ran slaying the beat and laying down one of his toughest flows since RNDM dropped. 

"Losing My Charm"  Draa 
Teenage wunderkinds Draa have been on everyone's ears as of late, and it's no secret why: They are really good. So good, in fact, they opted to let their tunes do the talking in their latest video which is just the four high schoolers playing their track inside of the column room at The Icehouse. There is some interesting play with the shadows on the wall, but really the big and small of the video is four well-dressed kids playing their far-above-average music in front of a white background. It doesn't need to be revolutionary to be good, and this one is pretty damn good.