Lil Wayne at Comerica Theatre: "F—- Birdman"

Lil Wayne did not hide his dirty laundry at Comerica Theatre this past weekend.

In a Youtube video posted by user HeavyIronRC, Wayne dissed his former mentor and current boss Birdman, who founded Cash Money Records, the label that put out Wayne's most significant albums, during a call-and-response portion of the show. 

He starts out by saying asking the crowd to repeat, "Fuck the bullshit," which it does. 

"Say 'fuck the world' ... Say 'fuck the Birdman' ... and fuck Cash Money," Lil Wayne said.

"There's a lot of bullshit right now. These [guys] got me in bars right now; they don't want to see me making good music," Wayne continued. "I don't know what the fuck's going on, but fuck them niggas. And I just want you to know if anything that if you thought for any second I give a fuck about it, I can't because I got people like y'all that still support me." 

Wayne is currently suing Cash Money for $51 million, and as reported by XXL recently, the parties are no closer to reconciliation than they were when Wayne first brought the lawsuit. 

Wayne didn't specify whether one of the two albums he has in the mix is Tha Carter V,  the long-awaited follow-up in his legendary Tha Carter series of albums. (The first three Carter albums are widely considered classics of new-millennium hip-hop.) Wayne has long maintained that Carter V would be his final album, and he indicated years ago that the album would come out in 2013. However, mounds of problems involving Birdman and the business side of Cash Money Records have delayed the album, and despite the hints Wayne dropped in Phoenix, there's no indication that he and Birdman are any closer to the reconciliation necessary to make Carter V a reality. Instead, Wayne fans have gotten mixtapes like Sorry 4 The Wait 2 and Free Weezy Album, whose titles both hint at an intractable situation with the label. 

Both rappers did guest verses on a Mannie Fresh song that came out recently — but even that song seemed to indicate that Birdman and Wayne still had bad blood. It was called "Hate."

Watch the video below: