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10 Metro Phoenix Podcasts You Have to Hear

Road trips, day jobs, and the gym all have one thing in common: They're great ways to keep up on your favorite podcasts.

We’re talking about superheroes, wine, overweight cats, ourselves – you name it. Even New Times recently launched a Bar Flies podcast to share stories told at the reading events.

The Valley is full of people with something to say, and you can take a listen with these 10 Phoenix-area podcasts.

Absolute Geek
According to the people behind the Absolute Geek podcast, “Phoenix is quickly leading the charge in becoming the new geek headquarters.” With record-breaking attendance at Phoenix Comicon this year, it comes as no surprise. Absolute Geek features four lifelong, Phoenix-based pals discussing all things geek. Hosts Matt Alward, Kellan McCall, Jose Chimichanga, and Kyle Stinson chew on “The Walking Dead comics and TV show, how Kat Dennings would be a great Harley Quinn, or the never-ending dispute of the future of DC movies versus the all-powerful Marvel.” Find the Absolute Geek podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Thank You For Being a Podcast
This one is also known as the "Golden Girls Podcast." How great does it sound already? This weekly show is hosted by local comedians Genevieve Rice and Anthony Desamito, and features a guest who joins them in watching an episode of Golden Girls, and discusses it in great detail. Thank You For Being a Podcast has been part of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival in Knoxville and Phoenix's own Bird City Comedy Festival. So what happens when they run out of episodes? With seven whole seasons of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, it’s best not to think about it now. Maybe a Maudecast? You can listen to episodes at their website.

Cult Following
The pop culture-obsessed people over at Cult Classics AZ are known for monthly cult and retro film screenings. What’s more, Cult Classics AZ produces a bimonthly podcast (two episodes per month) called Cult Following, hosted by Victor Moreno, Kirby Nelson, and Adam Rutkowski, who “discuss the latest genre, classic, independent, and crazy films to hit theaters, home video, and VOD every month.” These guys also cover heady topics like movie collectibles, summer blockbusters, and all things interesting to “casual film fans and hardcore cinephiles.” Cult Following can be found on iTunesSoundCloud, and at their website.

Dropping Knowledge
Sometimes you want a professional’s opinion. And you won’t find that here. Dropping Knowledge – hosted by Cody Engelbrecht and Matt Foster – is a podcast where two friends discuss common idioms of the English language and their true origins. Or so they think. In actuality, it is a “comedy/entertainment podcast and has very little educational properties.” All episodes of Dropping Knowledge are found on SoundCloud.

When Myers Met Briggs
Two cool people talking about fat catbodies and personality types? Count us in. Kaila White and Meredith Howell have been friends for 10 years, living together for five in the Coronado Historic District with their cat Maeby (yes, that is an Arrested Development reference). When Myers Met Briggs is “two opinionated BFFs using personality typing to understand themselves and the world. ESFP Meredith (The Performer) and ENTP Kaila (The Debater) explore identity, self-discovery, pop culture, and humor using Myers Briggs as a lens. We're learners, not experts, and knowledge of Myers Briggs is suggested but not necessary.” There are also guests and jokes. Find the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.