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Degrassi: Next Class Recap: Dancing in the Dark

Every week, we're recapping season two of Degrassi: Next Class, episode-by-episode.  #WhateverItTakes.

Just when we thought it would be smooth sailing waters for the troublesome twosome, Tristan and Miles, the boat was rocked yet again. During a game of truth or dare, Zoë pins Miles down with the "how many have you?" question. She did so knowing good and well that she was one of the five people he eventually admitted to hooking up with. Not one? His current boyfriend Tristan, who promptly walks out on the group. Miles is somehow completely unaware as to why, and is genuinely surprised when Winston blabs that Zoë told him Tristan was a virgin. He's not even as much surprised about the facts, but more that it's some sort of big deal or something.  "Just nut up and do it," he says, the hopeless romantic that he is. 

After school, he lures Tristan into his bedroom to get frisky. Without much warning, he starts undressing him and pushes him on the bed. Startled, but flattered, Tristan starts to go along. "You're obviously weirded out that I've done more than you so let's fix that," says Stone Cold Miles Hollingsworth. This stops Tristan dead in his tracks, "What are you saying?" he asks. "I'm saying it's no big deal." Bad move, Miles. Tristan disengages immediately, accusing Miles of being a man-whore who doesn't care. Before they can talk it out, Frankie barges in and Tristan takes that opportunity to bolt out the door. 

The next morning, Miles comes down to breakfast with a box of Tristan's stuff, casually gathered. Frankie asks if he plans to break up with Tris, and he says he doesn't have much of a choice, his boyfriend didn't want him. She tries to talk some sense into him, but since when has that ever worked for Miles? Their Mom walks out, letting them know that she's planned a coming home party for their institutionalized brother, Hunter. She mentions that she invited Tristan, which forces Miles' disaffected hand. He finds Tris at school to let him know he's off the hook if that's what he wants, especially since he thinks Miles is a whore. Tris tries to explain that it isn't the number of people that matters, it's being the most important one. They continue this convo later on at the party, finally getting on the same page about why this is a big deal for a couple. They stage a fake fight in order to sneak upstairs where . . . well . . . Miles doesn't kiss and tell (anymore, we guess). 

Outside of school, Zig, Tiny, and Grace meet up at The Dot for a hang. Zig does a little jig over to the table, cupcake in-hand to congratulate Tiny on getting into a summer science program at Cal Tech. While appreciative, Tiny laments that he still has to pay his way out there. Zig is also tight on cash (but not for lattes and cupcakes!). Just then, a woman walks up and asks if he dances. "I've been known to get down," he says, without a hint of irony. She hands him a flyer to audition for some kind of dance job and Tiny eagerly offers himself up as well. 

At school, the two boys start dancing in the middle of the hallway. It is clear to everyone that Tiny is much better, everyone including Esme. She saunters over, yapping about 12 years of dance training, blah blah, she's pretty annoying #TeamGrace. At first he declines her help, but eventually caves in. They start in on dance classes, where it's honestly super hard to tell if he's joking. Nonetheless, Esme serves as a drill sergeant with an adult contemporary soundtrack. Zig freaks out, complaining that he's not good at anything, he should give up. She says the one helpful thing she's said all season, that dance is about "fighting the doubt." He takes that to heart and soldiers on. 

Later on at the audition, he starts his interpretive dance again in front of the judges. They, too, look as if they can't tell if he's joking, but see his routine through. When he finishes, they praise his style and ask if 1. he can dance to more mainstream pop, and 2. if he's 18. See where this is going? If ya don't, they spell it out further, asking him to take of his pants so they can take a "look at the goods." When they overtly explain that his bachelorette party costumes would be tight, he finally gets it: They're hiring male strippers. He pulls up his pants and goes running out the door, mortified. Back at school, Tiny and Grace tease him with a gift of a cheetah thong for his future "career." Esme walks up and he explains what happened. She's disappointed because he worked so hard, and offers him a chance to join her summer dance troupe. "You don't even have to get naked . . . for the audition," she lays on thick. 

Elsewhere, Maya and Jonah are talking about ramping things up with the band. They want to record some of their songs while Maya still has an internship at Peter Stone's studio. While they discuss plans, she opens up her mail, which includes a check of her royalties from YouTube (what, no cute name this time like Teender or Hastygram?). She notices it's more money, which means more plays. She opens up her computer, but her video still only has a few hundred views. At first they're confused, but then they notice a "recommended" video on the sidebar. It's Vijay, performing a club mix of her song, "Yes." Even though she's getting compensated, she feels weird about him using her songs, especially his interpretation of it. 

She decides to confront him at school and ask him to take it down. He says he can't, he's within his rights and his subscribers love it. She scoffs that her fans will get confused if there's this weird version of it out there. He's taken aback by that sentiment but agrees to take it down. A few hours later though, he posts a scathing video, informing his fans why he had to take it down.  "She basically said if you're different, her songs are not for you." Maya considers posting a rebuttal, but doesn't want to start a flame war when he has four times as many subscribers. It's 2016, and this is something that actually might happen in high school. Whoa boy.

Defeated, she goes to work at the studio, pouring over his other cover videos and wondering why he has more plays than her original music. Her boss Peter comes in and assures her that while he's still doing covers, she's going to get signed by making something that's totally hers. "You should try and play nice with everyone," he suggests, and that sparks an idea. She offers to write a song with Vijay and give him studio time. Peter hears them recording and compliments her on whipping something up so quickly. Based on how well she did, he offers to pitch her for songwriting sessions over the summer. 

Lots of summer plans being made this episode, as we wind down the season. Let's see how much they go awry by the next episode . . . this is Degrassi, after all.