New Restaurant Alert

Snoh In Downtown Phoenix Opens This Weekend — Here's A Peek Inside

Tomorrow, Tony Chanthavong of Snoh Ice Shavery, the popular southern Chinese-style shaved ice emporium in central Phoenix, is making good on his promise to open a second location in downtown Phoenix by the beginning of fall.

On Saturday Snoh will host a grand-opening party at the new space, which is located on the northeast corner of Second and McKinley streets, a couple of doors down from Cobra Arcade Bar.

From noon to 6 p.m. the full menu will be available: shaved ice in flavors like black sesame, Thai tea, matcha, and coconut with toppings such as condensed milk, taro puddings, and almond cookies; classic milk teas loaded up with boba balls or grass jellies; iced teas and slushies; and ice cream served over toasted Japanese milk bread. Most all of the offerings will match what guests are used to from the first Snoh, but, Chanthavong says new menu items will be released later down the line. 

Food will be served by Backdoor Eats, which is what Chanthavong is calling the duo of local chefs Joseph Aguayo of the Sonoran hot dog cart Dos Manos and Donald Hawk. Expect kimchi hot dogs — or at least something like it, since Chanthavong and the chefs are still tweaking the menu. Chanthavong has plans to make Backdoor Eats a permanent, weekly food service available each Friday through Sunday in the upcoming weeks. Aguayo brings hot dog and street food experience to the table, while Hawk, Chanthvong says, has a passion for Korean dishes.

“I’m going to introduce him to the stuff I grew up with, like Chinese sausage,” he says.

There will be entertainment as well. Cobra Arcade Bar will be installing an arcade machine, DJ Melo and DJ Reflekshin will provide music, and there may even be Chinese line dancers, Chanthavong says

There will be plenty of room to mingle at the new modern and industrially designed space, which is wide open, with a tall, exposed ceiling and plenty of natural light coming in through big garage-door windows, which lead out to ample patio space.

“People can just walk freely through the space,” Chanthavong says about the layout. One wall near the back features a large graffiti mural; across from it is a large wall for selfies, decked out with emoji-themed props.

“I’m just trying to add something to downtown,” Chanthavong says. “Adding on to the fun factor of it.”