9 Guilty Pleasure Dishes You Need to Try Right Now in Metro Phoenix

Earlier this month, we introduced you to the Ultimate Sundae at Sweet Republic, an ice cream-based monstrosity that includes a cookie, brownies, charred marshmallows, caramel, hot fudge, oh yeah, and ice cream. It's a dessert so big it can't be contained in either a cone or cup. This sundae arrives in a metal tin. But that's not the only way to treat yo'self in metro Phoenix. Here are nine other utterly decadent dishes worth splurging on in metro Phoenix. 

The Guilty Pleasure: Custom ice cream sandwiches
Where to Get It: The Baked Bear
Price: $3.95-$4.95
What it Really Costs: A hard fall off the diet wagon. But you can always climb back on tomorrow. 

The Guilty Pleasure: Chili cones
Where to Get It: Elmer's Tacos
Price: $1.25-$1.95
What it Really Costs: A shot to your ego, if you're the kind of eater who normally frowns on Frito pies, fair food, or things served on a stick. You can't put on any airs when eating a chili cone.

The Guilty Pleasure: BBQ brisket "loaded" baked potato
Where to Get It: The Loaded Potato
Price: $11.50 (jumbo size)
What it Really Costs: Only a few hundred Weight Watchers points, give or take.

The Guilty Pleasure: Thai-style ice cream rolls
Where to Get It: Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls
Price: $3 (small), $6 (large)
What it Really Costs: Your last ounce of willpower because these rolls are too much fun to resist.

The Guilty Pleasure: Cold Brew Coffee Milk
Where to Get It: Currently available at various grocery stores around metro Phoenix, and the Danzeisen Dairy creamery store in Laveen.
Price: $3.99 for a half-gallon, plus $2 deposit
What it Really Costs: Some serious stomach bloat, if you're lactose-intolerant.

The Guilty Pleasure: The Big Texas BBQ Dog
Where to Get It: Doglicious Hot Dogs
Price: $5.95
What it Really Costs: Your "cheat" day for the week, so you may as well double-down on calories and get a couple of hot dogs while you're here.

The Guilty Pleasure: Liquid nitrogen ice cream
Where to Get It: Creamistry
Price: $4.50-$8.50, not counting add-ons
What it Really Costs: Your pants will definitely feel a bit tighter after one of these babies. Sadly, not even science can save you from that.

The Guilty Pleasure: Roasted garlic plate
Where to Get it: Rokerij, Richardson's, and Dick's Hideaway
Price: $16 (may vary by restaurant)
What it Really Costs: A double-pack of extra-strength Altoid mints and possibly the inability to stand within breathing range of your significant other for days.

The Guilty Pleasure: The Big Buck Burger
Where to Get It: Wimpy's Paradise
Price: $10.50
What it Really Costs: Enough protein to put your gut through its paces for hours to come.