FORM Arcosanti Will Charge for 2017 Festival

FORM Arcosanti will take place May 12-14, 2017, and for the first time will charge attendees for the weekend-long experience. 

For the first time in its two-year history, FORM Arcosanti will charge a $229 "Experience Fee" for the previously free festival. In the past, applicants had to fill out a series of short essay questions gauging their personalities, and those selected could attend for free. In 2017, those who wish to attend without the hassle of the lengthy application can purchase a $1150 "Patron Package" for guaranteed entry.

FORM needs the funds to improve the programming, production, accommodations, amenities, environmental impact, food/beverage options, and also to support the non-profit Cosanti Foundation and city of Arcosanti, said a press release issued by the festival.

All hopeful attendees must fill out a similar application to previous years and then be offered an invite. The organizers state that applicants are not required to be artists, creatives, or work in a certain field.

With a limited capacity of 1,500, FORM seeks to create a truly immersive experience for all participants. The gathering is looking for individuals to be kind to one another and the historic site of Arcosanti.

Of course, if you have something unique to contribute to the event, it couldn’t hurt your chances. In the past participants have pitched project proposals to complete during the festival. This could be anything imaginable.

The main question on the short application is, “What Inspires You?” There is also a space to leave a link to a personal website demonstrative of work.

For those that can’t swing the new fees, there is a scholarship box to check on the application, but it is necessary to explain why it is merited. Attendees can expect to receive invites anytime over the next few weeks.

Arcosanti is an experimental town 60 miles north of Phoenix full of strange, mesmerizing structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright disciple Paolo Soleri and is home to workshops and an urban laboratory. The town aims to support arcology, which is a combination of architecture and ecology. Arcosanti began in 1970. There are people who live, work, study, or visit the town. In fact, Arcosanti brings in over 30,000 visitors from around the world every year.