DRAWL!: Chastity Belt Throws a Keanu Reeves Party

DRAWL! is a video series created by all-around Renaissance man Robbie Pfeffer and New Times that focuses on the odd and exciting experiences that make life in a band interesting. With a mix of first-person storytelling and animation, DRAWL! hopes to show that these artists’ lives can be just as engaging as their music.

Keanu Reeves in clown makeup — these are the highlights of the craziest party that Chastity Belt's Julie Shapiro ever threw.

The Washington-based singer threw a party once after her band did a photo shoot for Seattle Magazine. The party was themed around Bill and Ted and The Matrix star Keanu Reeves, encouraging everyone to dress up as a different character from the actor's filmography. The party ended up being a weird mix of teenaged fans of Chastity Belt and a variety of randos from the street selling a variety of different words.

In other words, it was a raging success. Hear all about it in the latest installment of DRAWL!.

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