The Best NSFW Movie and TV Scenes of 2016

It's safe to say that just about everyone is looking forward to 2016 being over. And while the year has brought numerous celebrity deaths, political chaos, and other disastrous news, there's something of a bright side. It's been a pretty solid 12 months for nudity on your TV.

With 2016 winding to a close, here are our 10 favorite NSFW scenes of the year.

One Last Vampiric Time
Most of the sex between the Countess and Ramona took place in 2015, but two of the hottest lovers in American Horror Story history saved one final round for this past January. Top that off with the Countess telling Ramona, "Kill me, but screw me first," right before getting things started, and this was easily one of the hottest moments on cable all year. Anytime Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga want to get down in the future, count us in.

Menage a King
While the aging Judy King may not have seemed to be the character most likely to get down on this season of Orange is the New Black, she definitely had the most memorable sex scene. There wasn't as much nudity as some of the show's other sex scenes have displayed, but few other encounters have had the lasting impact and/or laughable aftermath of this one. You go, Judy.

Shameless Ups Its Body Count
Of everything on Showtime, Shameless may be the most sexually unabashed. But this season, the Gallagher clan took things to new levels. From the regulars like Lip getting involved with coworker (and single mom) Sierra and Fiona discovering Tinder, to new hilarious sexual experiences for Carl and Ian, there's no shortage of sex going on this year. Hell, even Frank gets in on the action every once in a while.

Another Greyjoy Gets Busy
Anyone following Game of Thrones knows that there won't be an old-school Theon Greyjoy sex scene anytime in the near future, but that doesn't mean the whole family has to abstain. This year, the show featured solid same-sexiness thanks to the pretty fabulous Yara Greyjoy. GoT has never been shy about sex, so here's hoping they offer more lesbian action in the final two seasons (or as long as Yara stays alive).

More Like... Sexpool?
Before Ryan Reynolds gets grotesquely disfigured and becomes the snarky semi-heroic mercenary known as Deadpool, he has a lot of sex. Unlike Marvel's decidedly family-friendly movies, 20th Century Fox clearly decided they were going to use every bit of that R rating to make Blake Lively as uncomfortable as possible. Here's hoping the sequel does more of the same.

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