Happy Hour

Stock & Stable in Central Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

Melissa Campana
The American gastropub — great words separately and together.
Each week, we venture to a new restaurant to check out what the spot has to offer during our favorite time of day — happy hour. Whether it's affordable appetizers, delicious drinks, jaw-dropping deals, or none of the above, we'll check out the situation and report back.

The Spot: Stock & Stable

The Hours: Happy hour is Monday through Friday, from 3 to 6 p.m. The restaurant also offers a special late-night menu from 11 p.m. through close.

Perfect For: A destination happy hour. Stock & Stable is located at The Colony, an “adaptive re-use project” (read: shopping center) on Seventh Street, just north of Missouri Avenue. You could grab a bite here, do a little shopping there, then nightcap it upstairs. Or whatever, it’s your happy hour.

The Interior: Stock & Stable is an indoor/outdoor affair, with its entire east wall made of sliding glass doors that bring the outside in. It is set back far enough from Seventh Street to ensure patio diners don’t have to yell over the traffic din, but you should know that your view will be drivers attempting to navigate the rush hour suicide lanes. Inside, the rich colors, open bar (open-floor plan, not open-free) and fancy tile seem to be an homage to that ever-elusive mistress: the American gastropub.

click to enlarge Frutti di mare — a veritable treasure trove of cold calamari and clams with a fresh, zesty citrus finish. - MELISSA CAMPANA
Frutti di mare — a veritable treasure trove of cold calamari and clams with a fresh, zesty citrus finish.
Melissa Campana
The Food: Finding the best deal during happy hour here will require a bit of cross-referencing. A charcuterie board promises fine meats, cheese, and accoutrements, but at $20 (normally $25), it’s a stretch to call it a “deal.” The other easy-to-find special is a cheeseburger and fries for $6 – far more happy hour-y. As for the other items, you will need to whip out your dinner menu and fine-tooth comb: some appetizers are half-off, but this excludes any pasta dishes. By the time you find something you want that qualifies for happy hour, you’ll be starving. The good news is that our order, the frutti di mare, was perfection — a cold calamari dish, with citrus and horseradish, for just $7.50 instead of $15. Woot woot.

click to enlarge A glass of Michael Sullberg chardonnay — only $5 at happy hour. - MELISSA CAMPANA
A glass of Michael Sullberg chardonnay — only $5 at happy hour.
Melissa Campana
The Drinks: Drinks were a more straightforward affair. Our bartender was knowledgeable and passionate, eager to talk wines ($5), beers ($5), or craft cocktails ($3 off the regular price). Since the gang at S&S also operate the upstairs speakeasy, Honor Amongst Thieves, they are happy to show off their extensive selection of interesting liquor. Wait ... There is no honor amongst thieves! Never mind; forget we said anything. We ordered a glass of Michael Sullberg chardonnay and it was lovely, but our bartender recommended another not-on-happy-hour white to go with our seafood, then proceeded to give us a deal on it anyway. Two thumbs way up.

Conclusion: Stock & Stable’s happy hour is a little scattered, but if you can piece together a cohesive order, the result might be well worth the effort. Plus, the setting is cool and the staff is genuine, which made us want to go back again. Things are pretty quiet early in the afternoon for this restaurant, so go closer to the end of happy hour if you’re looking for a peppier scene.

Don’t Miss: Asking questions; everyone we met here loves talking food and wine.

Skip This: Making your own decisions. Ask your server to recommend a dish and drink on happy hour – they’ll be excited to flex their chops and you won't have to do the math.

Grade: B+