5 Things to Do in Phoenix for $15 or Less This Weekend

Amy Carpenter
Hattie Hayes and Kristie Lindeman have a shoe for you in Remote Control.
Hey cheapskates, we have some good news.

Whether you're looking for indie theater, a throwback dance party, or a night of humor and headlocks, there's something to keep you entertained and in the black. Here are five things to do this weekend for $15 or less. You'll find more things to do at a range of price points on our curated calendar.

Remote Control
Local playwright Janet Burruel’s Remote Control is funny and weird, featuring a homebound woman who spends too much time and money on televised home shopping programs. Millie befriends her Meals on Wheels worker, Bud, while on the other side of the TV screen, the shopping hosts grow more surreally competitive as each day passes. But there’s more to it than funny and weird, as you may have guessed already. At least one of these people has a problem, and the words “remote” and “control” display all their shades of meaning. According to Space 55’s website, the show even “contains some cursing and imagery that may not be suitable for children under 12.” So work that out on your own.

The play runs through Sunday, April 30, at 636 East Pierce Street. Tickets are $15, with senior and VIP specials available. Showtime on Friday, April 14, is 8 p.m. Visit Space 55's website. Julie Peterson

'80s Retro Revival Dance Party
If you’re just now discovering that the 1980s are back in style, it’s likely that you were a post-adolescent participant in them the first time around. Either way, the ’80s revival of today isn’t all that new. For several years now, modern producers have been leaning on the drum machines, Junos, Moogs, and synth basses that characterized the decade. Don’t be hard on yourself though — you’ve moved on. It’s those musically omnivorous youngsters who have only recently discovered what you helped make great, long before your waistline expanded and your musical appetite contracted. Turn back time when Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, hosts an ’80s Retro Revival Dance Party, at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 14. Admission to the 21-and-over event is $8 at the door. Visit the Crescent Ballroom website or call 602-716-2222 for details. Rob Kroehler

click to enlarge MEGAN MURRAY
Megan Murray
Party Hard Wrestling: Cheap Thrills
It’s the goal of many pro wrestlers to make it big in the WWE. Colt Cabana, however, didn’t need Vince McMahon’s one-ring circus to get himself over in the wrestling world. Instead, he used his sense of humor. Over the last several years, the indie superstar and host of the popular Art of Wrestling podcast has become famous for his comedic antics in the ring, including goofy moves and oddball characters like the masked “Matt Classic.” In other words, he’s the perfect fit for the hilarious action of the Valley’s off-kilter indie promotion, Party Hard Wrestling, which frequently mixes humor with headlocks.

Cabana will be one of the special guests of its latest event, Cheap Thrills, on Friday, April 14, at the Nile Theater, 105 West Main Street in Mesa, where he’s scheduled to compete in a tag team match with Japanese wrestler Kikutaro. Six other matches will also take place. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10. See the Party Hard Wrestling website for more. Benjamin Leatherman

click to enlarge Think pink for prom. - CHARISSA LUCILLE
Think pink for prom.
Charissa Lucille
Bike Prom 2017
Presented by Phoenix Spokes People, Bike Prom is a gathering of community cyclists twice the age of high school seniors coming together to don formalwear, dance, win prizes, eat from food trucks, and get, ahem, reasonably tipsy.

The 2017 Bike Prom’s theme is “Rumble at the Prom,” meaning attendees are encouraged to squad up and pick a “favorite non-threatening fictional gang to represent,” a.k.a. Pink Ladies, T-Birds, Jets, Hell’s Satans out of Bakersfield, or whatever comes to mind, really.

Prom is held at the warehouse-y Phoenix Ale Brewery, 3002 East Washington Street, from 7 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, April 15. There will probably be a group bike ride there. How attendees wearing formalwear can also ride a bike, we’re sure we don’t know.

Tickets are $15 for stag, $25 for a couple. See the Phoenix Spokes People website for tickets and more information. Lauren Cusimano

click to enlarge Spark! After Dark: Kyllan Maney design for community art project. - LYNN TRIMBLE
Spark! After Dark: Kyllan Maney design for community art project.
Lynn Trimble
Spark! After Dark
In life, there’s rarely enough time to sit, enjoy music, and have a glass of wine. But Mesa Arts Center’s upcoming edition of spark! After Dark on Saturday, April 15, presents the opportunity to do just that. Experience the harmonic sounds of Bailen, a band out of New York, and other indie groups without other distractions. During the indie-focused night from 8 to 11 p.m. at One East Main Street, the center will also offer an interactive spin art activity. If you’re parched or craving something to nibble on, you can choose from a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as American fare and ice cream sandwich options. Held every month through June, the nighttime themed nights are free to the public. For more information, visit the Mesa Arts Center website. Laura Latzko