Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors on the 'Wild Ride' of Making Metaphysical

The Technicolors get Metaphysical.
Dirk Mai
The Technicolors get Metaphysical.
The Technicolors are about to unleash their latest recording, Metaphysical, on July 7. That same night, they’re headlining a release show and party at Crescent Ballroom, where you can hear live versions of these fresh tracks and pick up copies for post-show listening.

It’s a good time for the Phoenix-based band. They’re getting ready for an international tour with The Maine that starts in September. A single from Metaphysical called “Impostor!” made an exclusive debut on Interview magazine’s website in late June.

The band features Brennan Smiley (vocals, guitar), Mike "Nico" Nicolette (bass), and Sean Silverman (guitar), and borrows a few different styles to deliver their swirly, solid rock tunes. There’s definite evidence of a love for Britpop, particularly the ‘90s variety, incorporating elements like the sweeping nature of Oasis and the crispy drive of Supergrass.

But The Technicolors aren't pinned down to one sound. It’s rock 'n' roll at its core.

Smiley cites the melodic quality of The Beatles, the orchestration of Led Zeppelin, and the dreaminess of Pink Floyd as some of his other influences and inspirations.

“I’m the one in the band that has a hard time keeping up with new music, but really enjoy when I can sink my teeth into something new,” Smiley says. “As far as newer bands, I think the Cardigans have done some amazing records. I’m a big Bjork fan, Jeff Buckley — my interests are all over the place.”

click to enlarge Metaphysical, The Technicolors new release - COURTESY OF THE TECHNICOLORS
Metaphysical, The Technicolors new release
Courtesy of The Technicolors
This fall, the band is embarking on a tour of Europe and the U.K., and Smiley says being fans of some bands from “across the pond” is making the impending trip even more exciting. “It’s always been a goal of ours," he says. "We are very jazzed.”

There is a little bit of a noisy edge on Metaphysical that feels new. Smiley says that the goal in making this record was for the band to highlight their strength as a live act.

“After years of touring and kind of defining ourselves on stage, we’ve tried to make it a point to capture that live energy on record,” he says. It’s really just a natural progression of the band being themselves.

The band recorded with lauded producer and musician Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa. And they couldn’t seem happier about it.

“The core of the record was recorded live,” Smiley says. “That way, we could build around that energy rather than just piecing things together that were tracked separately.”

Smiley thinks that process really captured the raw energy they wanted to bring to the project — and acknowledges that the band feels like they achieved exactly what they wanted.

Smiley is also excited that producer Hoag, whom he describes a “brilliant percussionist,” will play with the band at their album release event. There may be some other guests, too.

“We just want a night to celebrate everything that’s gone into making this record," he says. "We’re excited about the recording – it’s a wild ride."

The Metaphysical release show starts at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, July 7, at Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue. Tickets are $12. The Darts and Daisy open.