Guilty Pleasures

Celebrate National Junk Food Day With The Most Indulgent Dish in Metro Phoenix

Okay, so we all know these national food holidays are nonsense, but that doesn't mean we're above using them as an excuse to eat. National Junk Food Day is so perplexly vague. Does it mean sweet, salty, fatty, or just plain over-the-top? How about one dish that is all three?

The B.M.O.C. Breakfast at Vovomeena involves an extra-thick waffle base, soaked in maple syrup (duh), topped with caramelized green apple slices (if this sounds healthy, fear not; they are so lacquered with caramel that the wholesomeness of the apple has be wholly corrupted), which are crowned with a mammoth smoked pork chop, and a couple of lightly fried eggs. The plate is garnished with a Portuguese doughnut dusted with powdered sugar.

It might just be the embodiment of all the indulgence this "holiday" was created to celebrate. But, if that isn't quite enough fat, carbs, and sugar for one day (or lifetime), then you could always head over to Milk Run for an iced Nutella milk tea float. Toast the day with a scoop of Lucky Charms ice cream bobbing in your glass.

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Felicia Campbell