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The Rebel Lounge's Name and Logo Get Ganked by a Restaurant in Nepal

The Rebel Lounge: Phoenix, Providence, Alabama, and now Nepal.
The Rebel Lounge: Phoenix, Providence, Alabama, and now Nepal.
Local music venue The Rebel Lounge reportedly has been the victim of identity theft … sorta.

Apparently, a restaurant and hookah joint in Biratnagar, Nepal, has co-opted the name and logo for the Phoenix rock joint owned by local promoter “Psyko” Stephen Chilton.

File this one under “everyone steals everything from everybody on the internet.”

Kyle Dehn of Stateside Presents, who designed the stylish logo, posted about the theft on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon.

He poked fun at the situation, however, stating, “Huge congrats to Stephen Chilton for opening a new location in Biratnagar. Thanks for ripping my logo!”

A few of Dehn’s Facebook friends and Rebel Lounge fans joined in the wisecracking.

One person asked, “When's the next emo night?” at the Rebel Lounge in Nepal. Another inquired if Three Bad Jacks, the rockabilly band that infamously set off the sprinklers inside Phoenix’s Rebel Lounge last year, was going to play the one in Nepal.

Dehn is more amused than upset by the theft, stating on Facebook, “im so not mad. its funny.”

For the record, Phoenix’s Rebel Lounge wasn’t the first establishment to use that exact name.

There’s a tavern called Rebel Lounge in Daphne, Alabama, that’s been around since 1970 (“We’ve proudly served our community since 1947,” an employee told New Times). We’re guessing that spot gets its name from Southern culture.

A now-defunct nightspot in Providence, Rhode Island, was also known as The Rebel Lounge.

We’re pretty sure neither of those places had an emo night, either.