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Chris Bianco is Expanding His Empire to Los Angeles (But You Already Knew That)

Lauren Saria
As we reported back in January, Chris Bianco has plans to work with Chad Robertson of Tartine fame on a major project in downtown Los Angeles' ROW DTLA, likely involving a Roman-style pizzeria in the complex.

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David Loftus
Though this is old news, the story blew up again yesterday when it was re-hashed by Eater LA. Chris had mentioned in an earlier interview that he also plans to one day open a Pizzeria Bianco in L.A. that would be inspired by his Phoenix flagship, but have a personality all its own.
The news seems to be resurfacing thanks to the release of his long-awaited book, which he spoke to us about a few weeks ago.

We talked to Chris this morning, and he confirmed that his L.A. plans have remained unchanged since we last spoke at the beginning of the year, adding that he has plenty of great things in the works right here in Phoenix.