Taco Summer

Taco Summer: Unexpectedly Great Braised Bison Tacos in Central Phoenix

Shelby Moore
Using their sturdy house-made tortillas, meant for enchiladas, Gadzooks also offers tacos. Picture are two bison tacos topped with onions, salsa verde, and cotija cheese.
10. Gadzooks

 Gadzooks, 3313 North Seventh Street
Open Since: 2013
Style: Fast-casual specializing in enchiladas
Signature Taco(s): Modelo-braised bison tacos

Gadzooks is a midtown Phoenix original that opened in 2013. And, like a handful of spots on our Taco Summer list, this restaurant isn’t known for its tacos. Gadzooks is a build-your-own enchilada establishment modeled after Chipotle, where you move down the line and pick your ingredients — meats, sauces, salsas, and cheeses. Each enchilada is built using thick, house-made tortillas that get smothered in sauce, and they wisely offer tacos using the same fresh tortillas, as well. 

One filling they’ve become known for is a lunchtime-only offering of bison, which is braised slowly in Modelo beer. Braised meats are typically rich and heavy, but the braised, lean buffalo meat translates to a surprisingly light option, despite its dark, dense appearance.

It’s great with their marinated onions, a healthy sprinkle of salty cotija cheese, and a side of spicy green crema. We recommend that you pass on getting your taco fired in the oven with melted cheese — this softens the tortillas beyond a manageable point, calling for forks and knives, at which point you might as well get the sauce and call it an enchilada.

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