Chow Bella

Arby's is Trying to Cash In on Game of Thrones' Season Finale in Phoenix and It's So Fucking Lame

Some press releases are too cringe-inducing not to share.

Behold this gem from Arby's:

Arby’s is getting medieval, just in time for the most highly-anticipated season finale ever. Behold the Smoked Turkey Leg, available at Arby’s restaurants in nine regions throughout our kingdom beginning Sunday, August 27.

Why Phoenix? Because yours is a land of sand and sun, known for its harsh desert climate. (Note: The only store in your area offering the turkey leg is: 2402 West Thomas Rd. – Phoenix, AZ 85015)

Arby’s Smoked Turkey Leg is seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked and then slow-roasted to perfection. It’s fit for a king or queen, yet available to anyone in Denver + the following lands for a limited time:

Fargo, ND: a frigid land in the north with ruthless winters and relentless snowfall.
Los Angeles, CA: a western land known for its bountiful amount of gold and riches.
Seattle/Redmond, WA: a land of storms, savaged by heavy rain and wind, with a coast of deep blue water.
Norfolk, VA: a land of ships and sailors surrounded by giant vessels forged from iron.
Pittsburgh, PA: a land of powerful rivers, defined by the trident of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio.
Phoenix, AZ: a land of sand and sun, known for its harsh desert climate.
Omaha, NE: a land of fertile farms that provides many of the crops that feed the country.
Atlanta, GA: a land where the crown jewel of the Arby’s family, our headquarters, resides.

What the actual fuck? If anyone actually tried this monstrosity, please tag @chowbellaphx on Twitter or Facebook.