Taco Summer

Taco Summer: Al Pastor De Trompo in a Phoenix No-Man's-Land

Shelby Moore
At Al Pastorcito D.F. they serve true-blue, no-nonsense al pastor.
3. El Pastorcito D.F.

El Pastorcito D.F., 5060 West Bethany Home Road, Glendale
Open Since: 2014
Style: Iztapalapa borough, Mexico City
Signature Taco(s): Al Pastor de Trompo

The corner of 51st Avenue and Bethany Home Road is a fairly empty stretch, save for the long lines of cars passing the intersection on their way to or from US 60. With no other food options for many blocks, it was a logical place for the family behind El Pastorcito D.F., a little cash-only restaurant with handwritten signs, to open shop.

click to enlarge Don't let the Al Pastor cardboard cut-out fool you — there's a real one spinning in the kitchen. - SHELBY MOORE
Don't let the Al Pastor cardboard cut-out fool you — there's a real one spinning in the kitchen.
Shelby Moore
The owners of El Pastorcito D.F. hail from Iztapalapa, a densely populated urban borough of Mexico City, where al pastor is a street food favorite. Their restaurant on Bethany Home Road seems a little makeshift — well, a lot makeshift — but the appeal needs little explaining after you've had a bite of the al pastor taco meat that is sliced from the vertical spit with each order.

The al pastor is topped with slivers of pineapple and served with a side of a creamy green jalapeño sauce. Among some standard bottled soda options, the shop also offers Boing! brand juices in flavors like mango and guava, either of which make for a perfect foil to the spicy condiment.

On occasion, the tacos are also topped with slices of nopales (cooked cactus paddle), which are chewy and green bean-like.There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason as to when exactly your order arrives, or whether or not it will be topped with bonus nopales, but you're sure to end up with a fresh, excellent plate of al pastor every single time.

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