From Busy Streets to Highways: The Best Places in Phoenix for Billboards

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From Busy Streets to Highways: The Best Places in Phoenix for Billboards

Phoenix, Arizona, is one of America’s most important heartland cities. Phoenix represents a functional pulse that politicians and advertisers alike put their finger on to gauge how the general public might feel about a certain issue. It’s a Southwestern city filled with pride and salt-of-the-earth people who work every day of their lives striving towards the American dream.

It’s a special place brimming with vitality and more than a little hope. With a population of 1.6 million, it’s easy to see why it's such a prime location for outdoor advertising. If you’re thinking about investing in some advertorial real estate in the city of Phoenix, look no further. Come join us as we take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Phoenix billboards!

Take It to the Ten

Interstate 10 is a freeway that runs straight through Arizona, bisecting it between its northern and southern half. This freeway is one of the busiest in all of America, and this is especially true for the section that moves through Phoenix—that’s why it is the perfect place for your company to consider placing a billboard.

When you think about the fact that thousands of people commute to work every day using Interstate 10, the chances of your billboard getting noticed are astronomical compared to most other freeways. This is perfect for brands looking for exposure, as you have an area that has not only a high volume of traffic but also a practically captive audience. The highway also moves through the heart of Phoenix, making it a prime spot for local businesses!

Doin' It Downtown

Downtown Phoenix is a bustling and thriving part of the city’s culture and nightlife. The area is home to many high-rise luxury buildings, sports venues, and cultural attractions, meaning that the number of people who visit there when in Arizona is enormous. These factors make the area an incredible choice for your business to advertise, as you’re now presenting yourself in one of the most densely populated sections of the city. Not only that, but due to all of the tourist attractions located downtown, your advertisements are also reaching tourists, giving you an even wider install base than sections of the city that are patronized primarily by locals.

Sell It to the Sky

One of the most fertile advertisement areas of any city is its airports. Now, that may sound funny at first, but when you consider the sheer volume of people who enter and exit the Sky Harbor International Airport each day, the possibilities of a well-placed advertisement start to become clear as day. This is your second opportunity on this list to find a captive audience through airport travelers who are there for a minimum of two to three hours.

This time range gives the consumer ample time to notice your advertisement and, most importantly, retain it! Not only is an airport great for indoor advertisements, but if you rent one of the terminal’s outdoor advertising, you’re getting a great deal because you have the added benefit of onlookers seeing your ad on the freeway. This added exposure helps your company kill two advertising birds with one stone.

Second State Route

Something about Arizona that most people are unaware of is that it’s a commuter state. Many people commute to and from work in their cars, and the distances at which these commutes take place can mean that some people will spend nearly an hour and a half in their car at any given time. Consider that this commute is done twice per day, and you realize that most drivers in Phoenix are in their cars for almost three hours a day, making this a prime spot for advertising.

But what happens when you have Interstate 10 covered from head to toe? Well, that’s easy; you move onto State Route 51. This state route is another high-traffic highway in Phoenix that connects the north and south ends of the city, thus making a billboard a great choice to place here—you have a huge install base that has no other option than to focus on the road ahead!


If you’re looking to up your business’ advertising game, investing in Phoenix billboards is a great way to start. Billboards are proven outdoor advertorial methods that can have a real impact on your company. This advertorial method is only boosted when you consider the fact that Phoenix is a commuter town that has a high amount of traffic on its freeways. If you’re a business looking to make a broader impact in the Phoenix area, billboards can be game-changing to the fiduciary health of your company.

When you’re a small business looking to make a greater impact, it’s important to be strategic with your budget—billboards are a low-cost, high-yield advertorial option for your company. If you’re looking for the best places to place them, just take another gander at our guide on all of the best places you can put a billboard in Phoenix!

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