The Rise of ClearChoice Dental Implants in Phoenix

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The Rise of ClearChoice Dental Implants in Phoenix

Now more than ever, dental implants are the popular choice among patients seeking dental replacement solutions. It’s an important decision to make, with many factors to consider, but due to the impressive life span of permanent dental implants, and their ability to function so much like natural teeth, it’s no wonder so many are deciding on implants over other options like temporary dentures.

Once you’ve decided dental implants are the best option for you, the next big decision is where to go for the procedure. If you’re looking into dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, you likely have discovered there are several local Phoenix dental implants options- but just as dental implants themselves have become the preferred method for teeth replacement, there is also one Phoenix dental implants center which has risen as one of the preferred dental implants provider: The Phoenix ClearChoice Dental Implant Center.

For dental implants, Phoenix, AZ, area patients choose the ClearChoice experience because of the innovative all-in-one approach, implemented by an expert team of surgeons, restorative dentists, and lab technicians conveniently located in North/Northwest Phoenix.

To better understand what sets the ClearChoice experience apart from other Phoenix dental implants centers, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the general process. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement system. Through a procedure, a titanium post is anchored into the jawbone below the gumline. This post serves as an artificial root which a prosthetic tooth is then affixed onto. This restorative dental system is permanent; you don’t ever remove them, and most dental implants have a lifespan of about 25 years, with the potential to last the rest of your lifetime.

This process requires a broad range of dental professionals and specialized facilities; labs and equipped rooms, patient consultants, friendly staff, restorative Dentists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons all have integral roles throughout. Due to the broad scope of everything that goes into that, most dental implant centers typically outsource varying parts of the process. There may be several separate locations for the appointments to visit certain specialists, or the procedure may be done elsewhere. Other traditional dental implant centers will also have the teeth created at an off-site lab, where upon completion, they are then shipped back to the center. At this point, if any adjustments need to be made, the teeth again need to be shipped back to the lab. It adds a lot of time to the process and takes away a lot of time from your schedule.

At The Phoenix ClearChoice Center, the entire team and the lab are all on location in the same center. Your consultation, the creation of your new teeth, the dental implant procedure, and your recovery are all housed at the same center. This highly efficient approach is unique to ClearChoice, and the reason patients seeking dental implants in Phoenix are finding a better treatment plan experience. With everyone right there, every aspect of your implants is completed onsite at that one location.

First, you’ll schedule a free consultation where you’ll meet with your ClearChoice team. One of the restorative dentists, Dr. Galindo or Dr. Perkins, will walk you through the dental implant process and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Perkins has over 25 years of his own private practice experience, as well as hospital affiliations at the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee and Presbyterian St. Luke’s in Denver. Dr. Galinda has been named Top Dentist/Prosthodontist by Phoenix Magazine six times in the last 17 years and remains active in dental research, publishing research and clinical papers, as well as presenting at dental meetings nationally and internationally.

A 3D CT scan will also be taken at your free consultation, which enables doctors to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is uniquely designed specifically for you. After reviewing your treatment plan, you’ll find out exactly how much your dental implants will cost and be given third-party financing options, as well as the opportunity to discuss and plan for the next steps of the procedure and final fitting.

After completing your consultation, the next step is the actual implant procedure to remove and replace teeth, which is performed by Dr. Butura, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the ClearChoice Phoenix Dental Implants Center. He has been named one of America’s Top Dentists in the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery by the American Council on Excellence since 2007. Highly accomplished in his career, Dr. Batura has lectured extensively on implant surgery-related topics and has numerous publications in prestigious peer review journals. His personable manner and sense of humor, on top of his exceptional capabilities as a skilled and meticulous surgeon, make him a favorite among his patients.

Thanks to the ClearChoice inclusive process at the dental implants Phoenix center, Dr. Butura is on-site, allowing for the whole dental implant team to be extremely collaborative and for the patients to leave their procedure appointment with a new smile – the same day. The permanent implants are affixed on the day of your procedure and after your implants are healed, you’ll have a post-procedure appointment to have your custom-made teeth placed.

This inclusive all-in-one approach streamlines the process completely and has become the preferred method for so many because it works. Nearly 90 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers located throughout the United States have helped to give over 125,000 patients new smiles and new leases on life. For residents of Phoenix, dental implants have never been so simple: one team, one cost, one location. ClearChoice Dental Implants Phoenix is conveniently located in North/Northwest Phoenix to provide dental implant services to not only Phoenix residents but those residing in the surrounding Maricopa County and Pinal County areas as well. Patients living in Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun City, and beyond regain their confidence and their smile at the Phoenix ClearChoice Center; schedule your free consultation now!

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