10 Best Cold Sandwiches in Metro Phoenix

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Ham sandwich at Ollie Vaughn's

How good is the signature ham sandwich at the recently opened Ollie Vaughn's? So good that it managed to stay on the menu despite the restaurant's seasonal changes, because, as one sandwich staffer pointed out, customers simply would not allow it. This sandwich comes with thinly sliced honey ham, gruyere cheese, watercress, Dijon mustard, and a lightly sweet apple butter that does well to complement the savory meat.

BLT at Matt's Big Breakfast

The BLT at Matt's Big Breakfast is a perfectly stacked serving of Americana. There are no frills or fancy sauces, just a classic composition of thick-cut bacon, sliced vine-ripened tomato, iceberg lettuce, and "real" mayo on toasted white country bread. It's edible proof that quality always trump quantity.

Turkey Lurkey at Luci's Healthy Market Place

Look past the silly name and you'll see why this signature sandwich is a serious favorite among Luci's uptown Phoenix customers. The Turkey Lurkey is Luci's personal spin on the club sandwich with thick-sliced turkey, Havarti cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, avocado, spinach, tomato, pesto, and mayo on cold but toasted white "artisan" bread. It's the lunch special that makes us truly love Luci.

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