10 Best Hot Dogs in Metro Phoenix

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Carolina Dog Joe's Farm Grill

Sure, you probably came to Joe's Farm Grill looking for something healthy to eat. Something that features the bounty of produce raised on the nearby farm, maybe? Well, forget that beause you're making a mistake if you overlook the restaurant's Carolina Dog. The dish features a grilled all-beef hot dog topped with moist, smokey pulled pork and cole slaw. It might sound weird but the tangy vinegar and crunch of the slaw make a perfect complement to all that meat. Plus, it comes wrapped in a piece of buttered Texas toast rather than a boring old bun.

The Boston Dog Dave's Dog House

Consider Dave's a diamond in the rough. It's located on ASU's Tempe campus, a cut above typical college fare. Dave's secret weapon? The custom-made buns that look more like a thick piece of toast instead of the standard bun. The Boston Dog is the classic hot dog with relish, onion and mustard, and an all-beef hot dog. The dog is classic, but not understated. Biting into a freshly toasted bun puts the Boston Dog on another level compared to its competitors.

New Yorker Dog The Hot Dog Stop

This restaurant is located off the beaten path in the Scottsdale Promenade shopping center, but don't let the strange location fool you. It's legit. In fact, it's one of the only actual restaurants where you'll find Sabretts -- as in the all-beef natural casing hot dogs common at hot dog carts in New York City and beyond. Those who've eaten them off a sidewalk cart will recognize the smokey flavor and distinctive "snap" anywhere. For a full Big Apple experience go for the New Yorker Dog, which comes with Sabrett red onion sauce, sauerkraut, and mustard.

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