10 Best Places for Tamales in Metro Phoenix

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La Tolteca La Tolteca offers five different tamales, including pineapple and strawberry to satisfy that sweet tooth. But may we suggest the green cheese tamale? Okay, good. It comes slathered enchilada style, with green sauce and a hefty helping of cheese. Inside there is a generous serving of chicken. It's like getting the best of both the tamale and enchilada worlds; if you like both, there's no going wrong. And in case that you're feeling pretty bold, they sell all the ingredients necessary for knocking out your own batch of tamales.

Carolina's Mexican Food Chances are you've had the pleasure of dining in the no-frills restaurant that is Carolina's. If not, now would be the perfect time. Known throughout the Valley for their homemade tortillas, Carolina's also serves up the most moist tamales we could ask for. The tamales are wrapped in more masa than we're used to, but we actually welcome it coming from Carolina's because of the freshness and homemade element. The green chicken tamale comes stuffed with melted cheese, fresh chicken and spicy green chile. Everything we love.

Los Taquitos Mexican Grill We love little places that push out good Mexican food in a quick way to flow with our busy lives, and we especially love it when they make good tamales. Now, tamales are not listed on the menu inside the restaurant, so don't let that alarm you when you go in. They make green chicken, red beef and cheese, but they don't always have all three, so we worked with the green chicken. There was a substantial amount of shredded chicken inside the tamale, covered in a zesty green chile sauce that left a welcomed tangy aftertaste.

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Natalie Miranda