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10 Best Things I Ate in October

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Grilled Chicken Meal at Mercado Y Carniceria Cuernavaca

Love grilled chicken and have 10 bucks to part with? Head out to this Mexican market in Scottsdale for one of the best meal deals in the Valley. All day on weekends and after 2 p.m. every weekday, score a highly seasoned and wonderfully smoky whole charcoal-grilled chicken along with corn tortillas, a pint each of rice and beans (packed with -- bonus -- thick slices of hot dog), and fresh, spicy salsa for just a sawbuck. Add another whole chicken for five bucks more. This fowl-focused feast will easily feed two to four people, but if you're going solo, prepare for some tasty leftovers.

Berkshire Pork Country Ribs at The House

Dining at chef Matt Carter's charming new spot in Scottsdale might mean a few shakes of the piggy bank, but if it's for the Berkshire pork country ribs ($22), it's money well-spent. Meaty with dead-on seasoning and complemented beautifully by an apple fennel glaze, these grilled porky delights pair perfectly with pieces of fennel and comforting popcorn grits for a plateful of bliss served up bungalow-style.

El Atol de Elote at Guanaquito

In El Salvador, it is said no one in a bad mood is allowed to stir el atol de elote, the dessert made of ground corn, cinnamon, and milk, or it will taste terrible. Thankfully, this one ($3.59), served up at this tiny, unassuming Salvadoran joint in Central Phoenix, is thick, sweet, and with zero grumpy flavor. A perfect ending after a plateful of pupusas.

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