10 Best/Worst Pizza Tattoos

We love pizza. And for some of us, we love it so much we're willing to have its image permanently inked upon our being no matter if we're drunk, making good on a dare, or just for-realz serious.

With that in mind, here are 10 of the best/worst pizza tattoos ever -- at least for now.

10.) Your confusing slice-of-pizza-meets-pun-meets-statewide-cultural-icon is ready.

9.) That's right muthatruckers, effin' pizza, yo.

8.) Hope Gizmo's not eating his slice after midnight or we're screwed.

7.) Must have had the beer before the slices got inked.

6.) Monsters like to eat pizza and children.

5.) Extra credit to the nipple for looking like a piece of pepperoni.

4.) Gives new meaning to the term "pizza face."

3.) Unicorns eat pizza and shit rainbows.

2.) Police and pizza, together at last.

1.) Who cut the cheese (pizza)?

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Laura Hahnefeld
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