Food Truck Frenzy

10 Corporate Food Trucks Totally Bogarting the Mobile Kitchen Scene, Man

Corporations moving in on the scene-y food truck scene? Dude, no way.

It was bound to happen. Over the past few years, local upstarts have been responsible for starting and keeping the frenzy aflame, but now, many corporate chains have taken notice and have tapped into the trend with their own mobile kitchens, according to a recent report by AdWeek.

Man, it used to be all about the food in the trucks, you know? With that said, here are 10 corporate mobile kitchens totally bogarting it.

Red Robin Yummm Mobile

This Colorado-based casual restaurant chain (not the DC comic book character) with over 400 locations across the country is taking its "gourmet" hamburgers and sandwiches on the road with a name that sounds as if it was made for, or by, a 9-year-old kid. And with the cost of gas through the flippin' roof, you can forget about it idling away as you mack on Bottomless Steak Fries.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld