10 Favorite Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix

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Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor Younger generations probably associate other places with ice cream, but those who have been here for a while know that ice cream can only mean Mary Coyle's Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor. It's like a restaurant lost in time, with nostalgic décor and a classic menu of ice cream with plenty of butterfat -- 16 percent, to be exact. It's also a surprisingly well-loved lunch spot for those hardcore fans of the restaurant's housemade Thousand Island dressing and soups.

The Original Hamburger Works This no-frills bar and grill at the corner of Thomas Road and 15th Avenue has been keeping steady foot traffic since 1974 -- probably because very little has changed. Its regulars consist of Phoenix police, Phoenix College students, and Encanto Park visitors who enjoy the casual atmosphere of order-at-the-counter and build-your-own-burger toppings bar. Add to that, the consistent quality of mesquite grilled meats and reasonably priced drinks, and it's easy to see why this burger hub has earned the right to call itself "The Original."

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