10 Favorite Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix

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Bosa Donuts Morning or night. Sober or stoned. There really is no bad time to enjoy a doughnut. Especially one from Arcadia favorite, Bosa Donuts. This Indian School sweets supplier knows the pull of an unpredictable craving for powered donuts, which is why it keeps its doors open for the unusually generous window of 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. And if you feel shamed for seeking out an entire boxed dozen of apple fritters all to yourself, Bosa brings you privacy and convenience with a much appreciated (and much-utilized) drive-thru window.

Tee Pee Mexican Food No, Tee Pee isn't true Mexican food. But that doesn't stop its regulars from filling up the orange vinyl booths and outdated patio while they wait for their order of cheese crisps, burritos, and chimichangas served enchilada-style. Inside you'll find wall-to-wall autographed pictures of celebrities, politicians, and athletes who swear by Tee Pee's hearty (and potentially heart-stopping) dishes.

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