10 Favorite Places for Pozole in Greater Phoenix

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Gallo Blanco Cafe

What makes the pozole so good at this casual eatery of Mexico City-style food inside the Clarendon Hotel in Central Phoenix? Why, you do -- kinda. A side plate of goodies (cabbage, avocado, dried oregano, diced onion, and lime) as well as a cup of black pasilla chile make for the ingredients you'll use to enhance the soup's overall flavor and turn up the heat as you desire. Already chock-full of tender, shredded pork and hominy, this soup truly eats like a meal.

Taquitos Jalisco

Totally nondescript from the outside, this bare-bones strip-mall storefront serves up some of the best pozole in Mesa. It's flavor is deliciously bold and made with tender chunks of beef on the bone with add-as-you-like garnishes of cilantro, onions, shredded cabbage, and lime. Plus (bonus) after the meal, you can score a paleta, raspado, or other cool treat from the ice cream shop next door.

Pozoleria Mi Casita

This tiny, family-run spot on the city's west side is easy to miss, but when it comes to finding top-notch pozole in all three varieties, seeking it out is worth it. There's the deep-flavored rojo filled with pork chunks, hominy, and red chiles; the blanco made with chicken and less spicy; and the tangy verde (also featuring chicken) made with tomatillos. Each is served up with fresh add-ins and tortillas or crispy chicharrones. Delicious.

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