10 Favorite (Restaurant) Doughnuts in Greater Phoenix

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House Made Doughnuts from Cafe Bink

Taste doughnuts from a James Beard Award finalist at this cozy spot in Carefree courtesy of chef Kevin Binkley. Available all day, every day, Binkley's house-made fritters, both doughnuts and doughnut holes, are nothing short of sheer bliss. And with three types of accompanying dipping sauces -- salted fresh caramel, rich dark chocolate, and decadent vanilla crème angelaise -- sharing might be out of the question.

Churros from Tacos Atoyac

At this bare-bones taco shop in north Central Phoenix, these well-known Mexican snacks are served up just as tasty and crazy-cheap as the dead-on delicious Oaxacan food. Sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, these long, ridged pastries are served up hot and fresh and with a crunchy outer coating. Inside (bonus), there's a creamy center and just to make them especially noteworthy, they're drizzled in honey.

Pof-pofs from Fu-Fu Cuisine

Inside this comfortable West Phoenix African restaurant, headed up by chef Esther Mbaikambey, hide a most rare and deliciously addictive find: Nigerian doughnuts. Called pof-pofs, they're the size of baseballs and have a lightly sweet taste, like a dense doughnut hole. Made to order using simple ingredients -- flour, sugar, butter, and nutmeg -- Mbaikambey deep-fries them into dumplings of goodness that can be eaten at the restaurant or taken home and drizzled with honey or chocolate syrup.

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