10 Favorite Spots for French Toast in Metro Phoenix

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9. The Really Big Easy, Hollywood Alley -- Yes we have eaten here, we lived to tell about it and we have been back to this Mesa dive bar for brunch several times for a giant plate of booze-soaked French toast. Thick slices of French bread are soaked in a Grand Marnier and egg mixture, fried to a golden brown, dusted with a generous amount of powered sugar and served with warm maple syrup. And it comes with a fancy mimosa.

8. French French Toast, Scramble -- Quite possibly the only spot that uses actual French baguettes, this little Sunnyslope eatery hand cuts their bread into big, thick slices and then dips each slice into a delightful vanilla custard. After each slices has had its turn on the griddle, they are served with a sweet maple syrup and a creamy pat of butter. And for all you vegans out there, Scramble will whip up a veganized version just for you. They even have Earth Balance!

7. Cinnamon Swirl French Toast, Crackers & Co. -- This south Tempe staple takes thick cut, fresh baked cinnamon swirl bread, dips it in a vanilla custard batter, grills it to a deep golden brown, and finishes the whole thing off with honey butter and powered sugar. It's shockingly fluffy and so good it's hard to order anything else off the menu.

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