10 Favorite Spots for French Toast in Metro Phoenix

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6. The French Toast Special, Matt's Big Breakfast -- French toast isn't on the menu at Matt's but if you happen to be driving by and see "French Toast" written on the specials board, we suggest you stop and snag this once-in-a-blue moon dish. Made with that same delicious bread that comes with the eggs and omelet dishes, the thick cut sourdough is soaked in eggs, vanilla, and just the right amount of cinnamon. It's really nothing special, but it's unbelievably good! (Please put it on the menu, Matt!)

5. Grilled Bread Pudding, Liberty Market -- You read that right. Liberty Market takes thick slices of their infamous bread pudding and tosses them on the grill till the outside is crispy. The inside stays moist and has an almost custard like texture. It's one of the most unique versions of French toast in the Valley and it's well worth a trip to Gilbert.

4. Banana Foster French Toast, NCounter -- Downtown Tempe doesn't have a whole lot of breakfast options but at least we can count on NCounter to always have a fantastic plate of French toast. The key to this plate of FT is the pan sauteed slices of bread. Crispy on the edges, tender on the inside, and the most perfect shade of golden brown. Oh and it's topped with an amazing caramel sauce and fresh bananas. Yum!

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